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hi there everyone...i think is about time for another skin mosaic...for anyone who reads this journal and wants to start the first panel let me know! ...the theme is...anything goes!   =)

      mosaic size: 1152 x 864 pixels
      panel size : 96 x 108 pixels
      panel quantity: 96 panels

be the first to make a panel!!!

email me your panel here >


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fixationarts Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2005
hey boostr do u still want meh for ur design group ? would be nice btw:
[link] take a look @ that ^^
ok321letsjenn Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005
is Deviously Deviant
is a deviant since Sep 3, 2005, 5:49 PM
has 2,000 pageviews
is located in Philippines

congrats on 2000 hits and the daily deviation! :D the mosiac is so cool :D
R-B Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005   Digital Artist
Superb starting collab...really nice piece :)

And an idea for another one, well it's the holiday season right now, so perhaps would be fun to have a theme with all the major different holidays around the world, or perhaps different seasons ? :)
aikochan86 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005
Congratulations! Awesome piece of work. Well done to all the people involved. :)
DreeamyEyes Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005

Congrats on the DD


Dreamy eyes :flirty:
abhimanyughoshal Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2005  Professional Photographer
great job guys! I'm glad to see so many great skinners coming together like this. way to go!
boostr29 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2005   Interface Designer
anymore panels? :P
philipptr Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
i dont think im gonna do another panel since it seems kinda boring the way its been done by others: not trying to blend with what the others made but editing parts of their panels. wasnt possible in the original mosaic system, and i liked that much better.
boostr29 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2005   Interface Designer
philipptr Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2005
i just thinks that it spoils the fun of blending imo you already had given the possibilty of changing the panel, so in case you just couldnt blend you could do something else.
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